Temporary Bike Lane Cones

Residents of Warsaw may have noticed cones strategically placed along the bikes lanes on Ft Wayne and Main St! You’ve come to the right site with questions.

Why Are There Cones in the Street?

The City, in partnership with RWAC, is running a temporary effort to remind motorists to avoid driving in the Bike Lanes, as well as raise visibility for cyclists in Warsaw.

Recent increases in ridership, new bike lanes, and oncoming colder season present a good time to raise some visibility and spark some pre-winter discussion.

How Long Will They Be There?

The program will continue until the end of October.

What If There’s a Problem with the Cones?

Contact Jonny, the Assistant City Planner for Warsaw, at jlatsko@warsaw.in.gov.

How Can I Learn More About Riding and Walking in Warsaw and Winona Lake?

Follow Ride Walk on social media! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What About Trash Collection?

Trash Collection will continue as normal. Please do not place your trash can in any bike lane or travel surface. Up on the curb, and within 3 feet of the road, will allow us to best collect garbage.

Have Feedback On This Project? Let Us Know!
We’re always looking for ways to improve cycling and walking in the community. You can leave feedback on this project by following this link