The Ride+Walk Advisory Committee was formed in January of 2012 to further bicycle and pedestrian facilities, programs, and opportunities in the Warsaw, Winona Lake, and Kosciusko County communities. The Committee is governed by our Bylaws. We cross public and private sectors, for-profit and philanthropic concerns, and municipal boundaries. Government representatives, local agencies, and community advocates are represented on the Committee. The collaborative effort and partnership of these entities has opened the door for significant improvements in the community.

We are here to make Warsaw and Winona Lake better places to live by supporting biking and walking in the Community. We created and oversee implementation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

As a result of our efforts, Warsaw and Winona Lake have been named a Bicycle Friendly Community

 Name Affiliation Email Address Term 
Bill Crane Kosciusko Runners’ Association 2019
Brad Bishop OrthoWorx 2019
Charlie Frisinger Pedestrian Advocate 2019
Craig Allebach Village of Winona Lake 2020
David Robinson Warsaw Community Schools 2019
Fred Helfrich KC Velo Club 2020
Greg Demopoulos KC Velo Club 2020
James Bausch League Cycling Instructor 2020
Jeffrey Rockett Parkview Jeffrey.rockett@parkview .com 2020
Joel Beam Capt. City of Warsaw Police Dept 2019
Justin Taylor* City of Warsaw Planning Dept 2020
Matt Hauck KCH 2020
Matt Metzgar Grace College 2020
Nick Hauck Village of Winona Lake 2020
Paula Deming Green Earth 2020
Rob Parker Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce 2020
Sheila Wieringa City of Warsaw Parks & Recreation 2020
Troy Turley Community Advocate 2019

* Denotes Committee Chair

Bill Crane                                        Brad Bishop                                 Charlie Frisinger

Craig Allebach                                David Robinson                               Fred Helfrich

Greg Demopoulos                          James Bausch                            Jeffrey Rockett

Joel Beam Capt.                             Justin Taylor*                              Matt Hauck

Matt Metzgar                                  Nick Hauck                                  Paula Deming

Rob Parker                                     Sheila Wieringa                          Troy Turley